A few words on shave soap: Know your product and soapmaker!

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A few words on shave soap: Know your product and soapmaker!
It takes more than the addition of bentonite clay to make a soap bar into a shaving soap bar. Often we hear of independent soap makers adding bentonite clay to their recipe to *voila* make it into a shave bar because it adds some “slick” to the shave.

If only it were that easy!

A true shave soap will be carefully formulated with shaving as its true nature, not bathing. This is created with a mixture of KOH and NaOH bases and careful use of oils. We love Olive Oil in our bar soaps (SUCH a great ingredient) but we would never use it in our shave soaps.

Make sure you aren’t shaving with a bar soap that was made for bathing. And if you tried handmade shave soap and it didn’t perform the way you thought it should… give it a go again with a soapmaker that knows what they are doing.

Our recipe was carefully crafted to include: Distilled Water, Saponified Oils of Stearic Acid, Tallow, Castor, Avocado, Coconut, Palm, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Oil using both KOH and NaOH.
Our tallow is rendered in-house from local grassfed beef Farm: The Pastures of Rose Creek.
It’s such a great product!
Want more info? Lets go back a bit…

In high school, most shavers start shaving with a gel or foam out of an aerosol can. This type of shaving cream contains excess chemicals and numbing agents that can be very harmful to the skin. Although they are widely available and inexpensive, long-term use of these products can cause severe drying and premature aging.
Proponents of traditional shaving will stay far, far away from any shaving cream that comes from a can.

Shaving Soap:They comprise moisturizing properties to create cushioning lubrication so that the razor gently glides over the skin while shaving. The high glycerin content in handmade soap provides a protective barrier and gives some men a little extra protection from nicks.

Lathering technique varies from soap to soap, so a shaver has to experiment to get the right lather; however, once you achieve a proper lather from the soap it could give you better cushion than a shaving cream.

Normal Soap Company loves working with top-quality ingredients and local farms like The Pastures of Rose Creek, LLC. We know you’ll love our quality products and the time it takes to create a recipe shows in our craftsmanship.


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