Organic Soap is at Normal Soap Company!

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Organic Soap is at Normal Soap Company! We spent a great deal of time searching for all the organic ingredients we would need and formulating a oh so wonderful organic essential oil blend that would work et voila! Normal Soap Company now has Organic Soap!

We thought long and hard about our name for this wonderful bar… What about Athena Soap for our new Organic soap?

Athena is the Greek goddess of reason, intellectual activity, arts and literature. She was the patron of handcraft and agriculture thus making it a great potential name for our new soap!
The indigo powder that we used to color our new organic soap bar is a tribute to the indigo industry that existed in Georgia long before cotton took over. Indigo is a subtropical plant so it doesn’t overwinter here but a superior garden plant is False indigo, or Baptisia that Native American Indians were using when the colonists arrived to make a blue dye of their own. We grow Baptisia at our Athens workshop! Full circle ya’ll!

One month later….

In the end we chose Herbal Wonder Soap because FDA labeling regulations stipulate that we can’t put Organic in the title of our soap. So sad! But we still love the soap no matter what it’s called!

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