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Olive Oil Pomace for Soap Making!

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This 16 oz Olive Oil Pomace is the same wonderful oil we use in our soaps... now available to you. Using our 1lb recipe in the soap kit this 16 oz will last you about 4 batches. 

Botanical Name: Olea europaea
Usage Instructions: Cold process soap up to 100 percent. Lotions and creams up to 10 percent. Balms up to 10 percent.

Olive oil pomace is a staple in any maker's collection. You'll love how thick and moisturizing it feels in handmade soap.

Olive Oil Pomace vs Olive Oil; what is Pomace Olive Oil exactly and how does it differ from regular Olive Oil? Olive Oil Pomace is obtained from the pulp left over from the first pressing of the Olive Oil. The difference between the two is that Olive Oil Pomace is refined, has less of the Olive scent, and it has a clearer yellow color than our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It comes from the same Olea europaea tree cultivated in many Mediterranean Countries. It might help produce a slightly harder bar and might accelerate more than Olive Oil.

External Use Only. Do not use in food preparation.

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