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12" Tall Skinny Silicon Loaf Mold

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This reusable high quality silicon mold is perfect for making cold or hot process soap for personal use. Hand wash for best longevity of mold.

12" Tall Skinny Silicone Loaf Mold: This silicon mold holds just over 50 oz of soap. It does not need lining and has a high gloss interior which makes your soap have super smooth sides. There are reinforced ribs along the mold to help prevent bowing. While this mold can hold 50 oz it's best to under fill it to 45 oz to help prevent bowing and also make it easier to remove the soap from the mold.

Cold Process Soapers: This is a silicon mold so adding Sodium Lactate to your recipe will help the soap harden and release from the silicon easier than if you didn't use it. Silicon creates a tight airlock with the soap so adding Sodium Lactate, waiting 48+ hrs all can help release the soap easily.

Inner Mold Size: 12 inches L x 2.25 inches W x 3.25 inches H 

The picture with all three silicon mold sizes is for comparison only. This listing is for the 12" Tall Skinny Silicon Loaf Mold.

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