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Pure Honey Soap with Organic Shea Butter

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Another great addition to our Pure line of soaps that all feature Organic Shea Butter and Honey. This soap smells of wildflower honey and has oat flour added for extra skin benefits. 

Organic Shea Butter is a superb moisturizer and rich in Vitamin A. The warm bright honey smell will be everyone's favorite too!

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide*, Honey, Oat Flour and Honey fragrance
*None remains in the finished product
Net wt. 4.0 oz.

Our products are toxin free:
No Animal Testing, No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, No Petroleum Products or Derivatives, No Triclosan, No Sorbitol or Derivatives, No Commercially Purchased Soap Base, No Artificial Colors, and No Phthalates.

This is a handmade batch of cold process soap that will nourish your skin and is safe for the environment. Made with natural, plant based ingredients

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