Normal Soap Company expands into your kitchen! Enter: Kitchen Sink Kit

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The Kitchen Sink Kit contains the essential items you need within reach at the kitchen sink. Solid Dish Soap has super concentrated eco-certified ingredients so a little goes a long way. Packed in a reusable glass Mason jar. Hand Soap with humectant properties for excellent skin pampering and pleasant feel. The superb lather comes from the synergistic blend of cleansers means you will enjoy lathering for the recommended 20 seconds.

- 1 Liquid Hand Soap (8 oz)
- 1 Solid Dish Soap (8 oz)
- 1 Natural Wood Dish Brush

Available in Lemon & Tea Tree and Rosemary & Spearmint

List price is for one kit in a kraft box with tag.

Our products are toxin free:
No Animal Testing, No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, No Petroleum Products or Derivatives, No Triclosan, No Sorbitol or Derivatives, and No Phthalates.

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