Glitter Soaps... Can you call your soap natural? And should you be using them?

Oooh, pretty! Shiny! Sparkles! Glitter! But can you put it in soap or cosmetics? This is Marie Gale's question and as you read you find out that maybe the question isn't can you?, but should you?

We've been questioning glitter since our company's inception. We've been asked to use it, put it on our soaps... but we've hesitated each time because it never felt like it fit our natural quality made soaps. Here' some good information about why our instincts were right. We believe in a soapers creative power but whatever your preferences are, it might just come down to do we want to be washing little bits of plastic down the drain? 

“Cosmetic grade” glitter, is usually made from polyurethane terephthalate (PET) plastic and aluminum which are then tinted with various colors and shredded into tiny pieces. This type of cosmetic grade glitter (provided the colors used are already approved) is – I’m pretty sure – approved for use in cosmetics in the EU1.

The FDA regulates color additives that may be used in cosmetics, and “glitter” is not on the list. In fact, the FDA says that glitter is not an approved color additive.

BUT, you can see glitter in all sorts of commercial cosmetic products … so what’s the deal?

Marie Gale did some digging, and here’s what she found out.

Glitter in Soap, Can you? Should you?

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