'Natural' in soaps, what does it all mean?

Natural Soap Soap Labels

We all know that 'natural' in food labels is largely unregulated and doesn't hold much weight (don't we?) so consumers should understand the products they buy... but what about soaps?
We think it helps consumers to #knowyourfarmer and #knowyoursoapmaker too.
When it comes to cosmetic products the FDA has authority in their safety and labeling.
What is deceptive in labeling a product natural?
In other words, if you are saying something untrue that misleads the consumer into purchasing your product over some other product, then what you’ve said is deceptive.

This is a follow up to our glitter post because while handmade soaps are amazing... those that are made with harsh colorants and glitter might not be the 'natural' you were expecting from a product that has natural in the product or company's title.
We think that how we operate matters and we only want transparency. Our ingredients are clearly shown on the label and we are working on simplifying.
What can a soaper do?
Become educated on what is considered “natural”. There is an International Standard for Natural Cosmetic Ingredients. If your niche is “natural” then you should purchase the standard, and then read, understand and follow it.


Natural Lavender Double Mint Soap



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